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Pouch Direct is one of the largest manufacturer and suppliers of Flexible Packaging Bags in Australia. We offer custom, versatile and tamper proof packaging bags and pouches. Our producing unit in Australia, moreover equipped with modern and advanced machines for printing, Lamination, Pouch creating machine and Spout Fixing machine etc. We are never compromising with our quality for packaging bags and pouches.

We producing digital printed stand up pouches, side gusset bags, flat bottom pouches and many more which are one stop flexible packaging bags & pouches solution. Our costs are cheaper than compare to alternative competitors in Australia as an instantaneous manufacturer. we are insist you to shop for directly from manufacturer than any traders, as a result of there because there are many advantages like cheaper and real products.

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What We Make

Pouch Direct is one of the largest manufacturer
and suppliers of Flexible Packaging Bags in Australia.

pouch direct

Organic Food Packaging

Custom Digital printed pouches are the best for those client, who want to selling smaller quantities of premium quality packaging products to growing them businesses.

pouch direct

Super foods Packaging

SuperFood Packaging is a very important types of packaging to preserve superfood products as long time. We have a use a captivating style, as the product perfectly fits on this area as it improves the product appearance.

Jerky Packaging

SPECIAL MATERIAL for jerky to avoid mold growth

Pouch Direct Australia manufactures Jerky Packaging and dried meat packaging Bags & Pouches. These bags are one of the most important types of packaging, because it needs extremely high element barrier and additionally it wants high preciseness and high detail in producing, it can’t be prepacked in standard plastic bags as bacteria and mold will be formed and thus spoil the meat.

We give you 2 choices, stock and custom pouches printed particularly for your products together with your hologram, style and every...

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pouch direct

Pet Foods Packaging

We offer printing process on the custom product bags and pouches with logo at the very simplest rates. Now we offer our custom bags and pouches come with various accessories like ;

  • Re-sealable zipper
  • Euro slot
  • Degassing valve
  • Transparent window

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Measuring Scoops For Accurate Dosage

Measuring Scoops For Accurate Dosage

Measuring Scoops are mostly used to measure amount of an ingredient, either liquid or dry, when cooking. Pouch Direct Australia manufactures measuring scoops like measuring spoons and measuring cups. Measuring spoons and cups are made of high quality and food hygiene grade plastic materials. We are able to use measuring scoops in varied products like prescribed drugs liquid measuring, or any powder measure or any kind of product wherever precise measuring is needed for correct indefinite quantity.

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