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Pouch Direct is one of the largest manufacturer and suppliers of Flexible Packaging Bags in Australia. We offer custom, versatile and tamper proof packaging bags and pouches. Our producing unit in Australia, moreover equipped with modern and advanced machines for printing, Lamination, Pouch creating machine and Spout Fixing machine etc. We are never compromising with our quality for packaging bags and pouches.

We are serving in flexible packaging bags and pouches field for quite a 25 years and really well perceive the wants of assorted purchasers and industries like ;


Food & Beverages


Home Care

Vehicles and many more other industries.

We producing digital printed standup pouches, side gusset bags, flat bottom pouches and many more which are one stop flexible packaging bags & pouches solution. Our costs are cheaper than compare to alternative competitors in Australia as an instantaneous manufacturer. we are insist you to shop for directly from manufacturer than any traders, as a result of there because there are many advantages like cheaper and real products.

We have many producing across the world and that we are one in every of the world’s high twenty makers of versatile packaging materials manufacturer within the world with over quite twenty five years of expertise. All our product are food grade safe and in line with Australian standard. we are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of blank / totally different color of standup pouches. 

We have not only massive potential customers, we will even cater smaller quantities to our ready-made stock pouches in various sizes & structures.

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Stock Products

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Custom Products

Custom Products

Custom Digital Printed Bags

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