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Pouch Direct Australia manufactures custom flat bottom pouches & bags and that are considered to be our eminent products. It is made of three layers to making it strong & durable to keep the product quality inside and is also recyclable and decomposable. And it has a distinctive design gives it attractive shape customers, this distinctive form gives a large storage space and gives enough space to put your own design and use the space in the front and back.

  • Order Start From Minimum 500 pouches in Digital Printing.Order Start From Minimum 10,000 to 30,000 Rotogravure printing.
  • Flat bottom bags can be commonly used in packaging of many industries such as : Food packaging, Animal food packaging, Tea Packaging, Coffee Packaging, Organic product packaging and many other uses.
  • Compete with Big Boys by Packing Your Products in " PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PACKAGING "
  • You can add a various accessories to these custom flat bottom pouches like, zipper, euro-slot, tin-tie, degassing valve, tear notch with laser scored(for easy tear) can be add to make it easier to open and close the bag to maintain the filled product.

We provide custom flat bottom pouches with two options, pre-packaged bags or bags with the logo or design of your products, If you do not have a design or have an old design and want a change, we provide you with this service. Flat Bottom Bags has an excellent appearance which gives it a suitable size to store your product and shape draws the attention of customers. The packaging structure also utilises space more effectively, allowing for the same volume of product. That makes the company is easier to cultivate the loyalty of the customers.

We use a retro printing system which is suitable to give the best print quality and supports 9 colors, which reflects a good image that helps in marketing your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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