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Looking for Customised Beef Jerky Packaging? You have come at the right place. Each and every custom jerky packaging we produce are made with multi layers of high barrier plastic polymers which gives the bag a very high resistance against oxygen and moisture penetration. Thus, providing the best shelf life to your Gourmet Jerky and eliminating any chances of getting moulds.

Still confused regarding the Quality and Size?
Just give us a call and our sales representative would be more than happy to provide you with some
free samples of our previously printed Custom Jerky Packaging for trial.

Our Stock Jerky Bags typically come in the form of a Flat Packaging / Three Side Seal bag with a Euro Hole. However, we can also customise those in Stand-Up Pouch with your required size and materials. With us, you would be able to get fully Customised Jerky Packaging without any sort of limitations.

  • These Custom Jerky Packaging bags are suitable for packing all kinds of meat such as Jerky, Biltong, Bacon, Beef, and much more. The MOQ for these start from 15,000 bags depending on the size. However, if you have more than 2 variants, we are always flexible with the quantities.
  • The below customisation options will help your Custom Jerky Packaging to get noticed by the shoppers in that crucial first few seconds they spent scanning shelves for that perfect item.
    → Tear Zipper and Tear Notch
    → Laser Scoring
    → Matt and Shiny Finish
    → Round Corners
    → Euro or Round Hole / Custom Shape Hole
    → Round Bottom Gusset Selection
    → Custom Shaped Pouch
    → Fully Customisable Designs
    → Different Material Selection based on product
    → Customised Pouch Size
    → Custom Shaped Window
  • If you are just starting the business, we would recommend you try our Stock Jerky Packaging pouches. They come in 2 sizes and in Clear Colour:
    → 30-60 gm (No Zipper)
    → 60-90 gm (With Zipper)
Both these bags possess ultra high barrier properties which protects your jerky from any kind of fungus and moulds. And the good news is that the MOQ is just 100 pieces for these stock Jerky Packaging.