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Custom Oxo-Degradable bags have been added to our manufacturing line for fulfill our customers wishes. We are largest distributor and manufacturer of that kind of bags and pouches. These bags are particularly useful in hospitals and clinics for packing food, medicine, seeds and several other products. We are huge contributor to the production of eco-friendly bags.

  • Order Start From Minimum 500 pouches in Digital Printing.Order Start From Minimum 10,000 to 30,000 Rotogravure printing.
  • Compete with Big Boys by Packing Your Products in " PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PACKAGING "
  • We have started production line “Bak2earth” or return to the ground.

This line started with two types of straight bags. Straight bags with a zipper and a valve to save roasted coffee. Both are available in paper brown bags, it is possible for you if you want to paste your mark or hologram on the bag. We offer several oxo-degradable packaging sizes. The weights are based on coffee beans and therefore may differ from your product.

Oxo-Degradable bags are also known as:

  • → Custom Oxo-Degradable Bags
  • → Oxo Degradable Bags with Custom Print
  • → Digital Printed Oxo-degradable Bags
  • → Custom Compostable Bags
  • → Oxo-degradable Plastic Bags
  • → Printed Oxo-degradable Paper Bags
  • → Eco Friendly Bags

Frequently Asked Questions

For custom Oxo-degradable / compostable packaging what is the minimum run.

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Do you ship anywhere in Australia and new zealand

What different type of print effect is possible in Oxo-degradable / compostable packaging

What type of Oxo-degradable / compostable bags are made with?