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We produce our Rice Packaging bags from our ultra-modern technology and equipments, because rice is the most largely consumed product across the world. Several different types of rice are available in stores. Pouch direct offers rice packing bags that provides your business with the competitive edge as it.

  • We provide more durable rice packaging bags, which will protect your rice produce from excess air and moist, that could cause it to spoil.
  • Benefits:
    • Protects rice from contamination and preserves rice for longer
    • Packaging of Rice doesn’t solely fulfill functional purpose however a promotional one too
    • Packaging Bags for Rice is used to market the product brand
    • Rice packing is shelf friendly
    • Production of flexible packaging for rice is relatively cost effective in contrast with other forms of rice brands packaging

Functional use of Packaging:

Our premium packaging bags are represent your rice brand among your competitors, at Pouch Direct we have competent graphic designers who are more than willing and capable of assisting you in the process of your packaging design as we know that your rice packaging would be the first contact consumers make with your product.